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"One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way."

about us

It is our vision to create a world that works for everyone with no one left out by bridging the gap between low-income communities and global opportunities through trainings in world languages, intercultural competence and global communication. ​


Makeva Armant-Muhammad

Makeva has a passion for teaching and studying the French language and culture. Certified in Elementary Education and K-12 French & Spanish, Makeva founded Immersed Global the summer after completing the master's program in Intercultural Communication at UMBC. Her experience in French education includes being an Adjunct Professor for the University of Maryland Baltimore County, a Teach for America Corps Member and Middle School French Teacher at Coleman Middle School in Greenville, Ms., and a High School French Teacher at McKinley Sr. High in Baton Rouge, La. 

Makeva has not only taught the language, but she has led student groups on cultural excursions both domestically and abroad through participation in World Language Festivals, French Quarter tours, study abroad in Paris & Versailles and more. Her own personal education abroad experience includes studying French in Belgium through CODOFIL at l"Université de Mons in the summer of 2013 as a college junior and again in the summer of 2017 as a French Teacher. Makeva has also visited and explored the cultures of Luxembourg, Amsterdam, Paris, Puerto Rico and Mexico.

Makeva holds an M.A. in Intercultural Communication and a B.A. in Modern Languages. She is passionate about the study of world languages and cultures and creating access to global marketability for students in underserved communities. She has used her position as a pageant queen since 2013 to share this passion as her platform, Promoting Diversity Through the Study of World Languages and Cultures and the more recent version of her platform, #GetImmersed. 

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Program Coordinator 
David Emanuel Muhammad

David is the program coordinator for Madame Armant's immersion cities.  

He began his journey working in Human Services with Adjudicated youth in Baltimore City for a local non-profits and Job Corps Services Maryland, in conjunction with the Department of Juvenile Services.  He worked to find jobs and collaborative services for the organization, and started attending local business and political events in the city where he soon met what 

would become a vibrant network of progressive, diverse leadership, committed to creating new pathways for local citizens to overcome education and career barriers and thrive as an integral part of a new vision for the city.

This work set the stage for what would become a successful career in workforce development; first serving incarcerated men and women under the Mayor’s Office of Employment Development, and then under the Maryland DLLR/unemployment division, working to help all citizens harness state and local resources to gain re-employment and entrepreneurial opportunities.

After meeting numerous participants from the IT sector  David founded DIN (do it now) IT Enterprises in 2015 to begin offering consulting services to the private sector. Exposure to some of the complexities of IT and its power to transform teams and systems led to pursuing more IT based field opportunities. In 2018, performance referrals led to a 2-year partnership with Comcast Business deploying on-demand IT workforce resources in several states. Through DIN Enterprises we provide technical support for immersed global operations and local
community development efforts. #GetImmersed


Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Morgan Smith-Killen

Morgan Smith-Killen is the Marketing and Communications Director and Secretary of Immersed Global, LLC. She hails from West Monroe, Louisiana, where she has been a Spanish teacher for the past seven years. The University of Louisiana at Monroe not only provided Morgan with her higher education, but also gave her the opportunity to further the reach of World Languages to surrounding high school students as a member of the advisory board for the World Language Festival hosted by ULM. 


Her tenure on the board, her decision to pursue a career in education, and the continued relationships and love of her students over the years has created unwavering encouragement for Morgan to make opportunities outside of the classroom for students of all ages to begin a love of learning World Languages. Teaming with Immersed Global will continue to fuel Morgan’s aspirations. The values and goals of Immersed Global and Morgan’s are one in the same.


She is proud to be a part of a company who strives for immersion of cultures throughout the world.  Outside of teaching and her work with Immersed Global, Morgan shares her love of travel with her husband, Christopher, and her two dogs, Delmira and Kahlo.  Morgan spends her free time traveling, attending concerts, spending time with friends, and trying culturally diverse foods.  

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