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Madame Armant's Immersion Cities is the 501c3 Non-profit Organization of Immersed Global, LLC., founded in 2022.  The mission will be the same - to bridge the gap between low-income communities and global opportunities to afford everyone access to world-class resources and international success. Our non-profit offers a variety of community curated events that will engage the community and call to action those who believe in the power of language and arts, to help transform and inspire lives of youth.  


EIN 92-3175441. All in-kind donations and contributions are tax deductible as allowed by the IRS and State of Maryland.

Madame Armant’s Immersion Cities will offer students an immersive experience to learn a new language & culture while also developing and sharpening leadership skills and other diverse talents in sports, gardening/farming, cooking, art and more.  

Scholarships available on a sliding scale based on annual income.


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